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Review: A life of its own

Then’s now
And now’s then
In a tense continuum
The is me now
And this is me
A Hundred frames later
Will heard been having?
There could
Let’s seek

Organisation Fabrication
Communication Information

Red signal
Underline neural activity
Does it burn or tinkle
Fall into the dimensions
Lack of finality
Night falls quickly
Everything turned blue
See the chemistry operating

There’s no way
To stop me
The upcoming tragedy

(Snippets from the voice overs of the exhibition: Anywhen)


Enter one of Tate Modern’s latest exhibition, Anywhen, and prepare to be greeted with graciously roaring machinery, mesmerizing lighting and abstract literature resounding through the immersive speakers of the Turbine Hall. This ever-evolving multi-sensory exhibition was designed by Philippe Parreno, an internationally acclaimed French artist and filmmaker who seeks to constantly challenge the boundaries of fiction and reality in his works. Commissioned by Hyundai, this exhibition managed to garner the curiosity of both tourists and locals, inviting and mesmerizing them into a new dimension of space and time.

Instead of creating multiple masterpieces, Philippe decided to use the entire space as a single canvas and completely transformed the center of the museum, weaving light, sound, film, technology, and science together. These mediums were solely affected by the response and reaction of a dish of yeast in a laboratory at the far end of the exhibition. If you take a step back, you will find yourself marveling over the show’s operation. It is a living exhibition — having a life of its own.

Rhythmic lighting (Anywhen Exhibition)

Rhythmic lighting (Anywhen Exhibition)

To many, this exhibition displayed a relatively incoherent character and found it difficult to engage. But there were others, including myself, who were completely immersed and drawn into this haphazard performance. The structure of this exhibition is incredibly immersive, enticing you to lie on the carpeted ground as you watch its life unfold. You unconsciously find your mind dancing with the rhythm and choreography of the environment. Then suddenly, a poetic film starts screening and you begin listening to the incoherent thoughts of a women, interjected with her burst of laughter and sudden streaks of silence — all commanded by a dish of yeast. It was a visual conversation on the reality of self-sustenance.

Actor and Ventriloquist, Nina Conti

Actor and Ventriloquist, Nina Conti

Laboratory that conducts the exhibition’s performance

Laboratory that conducts the exhibition’s performance

Can an exhibition really have a life of its own? This exhibition acts as an initial response to this statement. Philippe plans on spending a lot more time here over the next few months to create more scenes and give it fuller life. I look forward to further witnessing this splendid concoction of art, science, and technology. I have no doubt that this space will continue to evolve over time and to reveal the power of communication through combined media.

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